A Swiss Fairytale
As I foreshadowed in my introduction, my source of inspiration is the Nature.

Landscapes, forests, mountains, cliffs, pastures and meadows, wild life, birdsongs, wood cracking sounds, various colours and shapes of plants and trees, tiny little details of mountain flowers, fine leaves vibration, warm sunshine, cooling and magical forest shades, the music of the rain, the calmness conveyed by the fresh and sparkling snow, and I could continue the enumeration, in one world the Nature is such a reach source of inspiration.


One of the virtues of my miniature creations is that each creature is unique, and you will never find two identical pieces in my collections.

I am creating for each creature a unique shape that never repeats. I use the sculpted object directly, and I don't use molds.

More precisely I am trying to avoid the molds in order to keep each miniature creature really singular, not just by personalizing them during the mounting but also by keeping their original primary form.


As I am living in the middle of the Nature, and I am hiking a lot to discover the beauty of different landscapes of the Swiss Alpes, I aim to find a distinctive setting in a special environment for each of my miniature creations. For transporting them in my backpack for long distances I need to minimize the risk of breaking them. To be carried on the mountains and in the woods they need to have light weight and solid nature, that is the reason why I am using different types of light clays.


Let me explain you why is this so important to me:

There is this particular feature of my works that each of them has seen a different side of the Swiss nature, sometimes at thousands of feet altitude with breath taking mountain panoramas, sometimes in the deep heart of colourful forests chanted by tinkling birdsongs.

In this way when you treat yourself or your beloved ones with one of my creations, you will have in the same time a souvenir of a not so much traversed, very special area.

To make a more special gift, the miniature creatures can be completed with stenographic pictures, as you can see on the photos below.

Fadae Aquae

Summer Collection


When the silhouette of an aquatic fairy appears,

Music creates silence and grace,

The melody of the mountains –

the deep humming of stones

dances with the murmur of waves.

The Lake gives birth of a fairy

in this peaceful enchantment: Nature.

La Tine de Conflens







Töhötöm, Prehistoric Fairy Mammal with his Best Friend, Snowflake Fairy

Winter Guardian

Glacial Winter Fairy with Her Escort Composed by 

Winter Fairy Wolfs and Squirrel Pillars

Doe Fairy with Fawns 

 The Wise of the Forest



Pintyöke, Tiny Spring Fairy with Wings

Ábrányka, Prehistoric Fairy Mammal with Her Best Friend, Füzike, the Tiny Spring Fairy

Frog Princess Fairy

Exotic Fairy

Spring Nymph

Scintillating Fairy

Curious Creature with Precious Overcoat

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