"Po l'occhio"
Drawing and Painting Classes
The secret of drawing and painting, is not about the manual skills, but to succeed in assimilating the "artistic vision", the sense of artistic observation that allows us to have a particular vision on the object represented, different from our daily vision when we look at the same object out of the creative context.

The sense of observation is the key to understanding. As Leonardo da Vinci said, the basis of creation is to understand what we see through observation, we must look at the forms as if we saw them for the first time. He learned this at a young age from his grandfather who often said to him "Po l'occhio" - "Open the eye! ". I am choosing it as the motto of my classes.

To create – to draw or to paint – and to observe, are two notions that are firmly intertwined. In the process of drawing and painting, observation occupies the greatest place, and the positioning of shapes, lines, tonal values and shades of colors follows right after.

The most important question is: How do we deal with the visual information, how do we manage to translate our observations into drawing and painting?

To create is not so complicated, the most challenging is in fact the conversion to this vision, to attune ourselves on this particular observation. However, once succeeded, all the doors of the fine arts open to us.

I am welcoming students of all levels and painting experience!

I am offering personalized private classes in my studio for kids, teens and adults, ages 7 and up, in English, French and Hungarian languages. My sessions are relaxed and fruitful in the company of a good cup of tea!

Price of one session during 2 hours + half an hour to prepare your working material: CHF 80.

Price package for 3 private classes: CHF 190 (to be completed in one month).

Venue: Route du Village 22, 1974 Arbaz, Canton of Valais.

Practical information for the first class:
During our first meeting, the working material is offered free of charge with the exception of the canvases. We will discover together which technique suits you best, and I will guide you in assembling your equipment.

For the inscription and any further information you may contact me by email: