Oil on Canvas, 27 x 35 cm

The portrait represents my husband in our little rustic home, with reddish nuances of the artificial light from the inside, in front of the window which is lightly suggested by the steam flows, in the background an idealized view of the mountain area in wintertime.


We are a young married couple who indurated a lot of challenges already. My husband is a medical doctor. We abandoned "big city-life" to move in a little village situated at the high mountains for providing medical cares to this isolated area.


The title of the painting, "Love in Isolation", evokes two main ideas:


First of all, the mountain scenery with the rocks is a suggestion to the isolated area, what I did not consider as an obstacle when I followed my husband, although the first reaction of most of the people was that this project is far more courageous than a simple moving. By love, I would follow him anywhere he has to go.

The proportions of the composition are thoroughly structured:

The Nature around us is so sublime, and proportionally with it we are such tiny creatures.

The isolated area surrounding us is gigantic, but we are not isolated, because we are here together, therefore it is not a coincidence that there are two rocks and on the wainscot's woodcut we can see a pair of wood marks.

Everything on this painting is dear to me, I love my husband, and I love the Nature.

With the mountain-life we are constantly connected to the Nature, so we had to understand it and we had to learn how to live with it.

Once you are connected to it, you couldn't imagine a life far from it.


The second and probably the deepest signification of my painting is the love in its maximal extension, the supreme love, without limits, impossible to be measured, however tried to be symbolized in an appropriate way. The rocks, reaching the high, seemed to be an appropriate symbol for that, with their persistence in the various meteorological conditions. They are standing peaceful and strong together in the most powerful snowstorms. That is the reason why it was so important for me to present my husband with this background.

The rock has a Christian connotation too, as a metaphor of the never-ending support of God, coming by his love, the poet David often used this metaphor in his famous psalms.


While revealing the philosophical background of the painting, we can deduct that it is a poetic portrait, giving a purified form to an honest love declaration.


Love in Isolation 2.


Oil on Canvas, 60x 50 cm

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